Audio laboratory
Welcome to the lab.

This is the place where you can find rehearsals on video, audio experimentation or hardware worship. This part of the site is still on development.

Commodore Amiga 500

Fresstyle with DJ Rub

Zvex Fuzzfactory and MPC

Sound warmer Lightbox

Tape treatment on vocals

Fostex X-18

This is a very old model that I still keep. It was my first 4 track cassette multitracker and it´s still in mint condition. I´m using it to warm and distort vocals over a new track, a remix from a known rap crew from the 90´s.

Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  1. Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  2. Right where it belongs // Seven Souls feat. Clara Parker - HVR playlist
  3. Heavymonk // Seven Souls - Heavymonk
  4. Cualquier sistema // Seven Souls - Cualquier Sistema
  5. Sagan // Seven Souls - HVR playlist
  6. Colors Accelerate (Charging Rhino remix) // Blue Rhino - Charging Rhino Remix
  7. Black Bearded Pig // Blue Rhino - Black Bearded Pig