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26 October 2018

“Fins” track almost ready!

This is “Fins” track teaser video! I hope you like it! Foley audio parts have been recorded in Ulleri and Chitwan national park (Nepal). This... Read More
11 January 2018

10K Likes Dhanyabad!

Seven Souls facebook page post got more than 10000 Likes for “Broken Bridges” debut on iTunes in only one week. We´re so happy you liked ... Read More
05 January 2018

Hello world!

Welcome to Hasta La Vista Records! We´re live!    
Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  1. Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  2. Right where it belongs // Seven Souls feat. Clara Parker - HVR playlist
  3. Heavymonk // Seven Souls - Heavymonk
  4. Cualquier sistema // Seven Souls - Cualquier Sistema
  5. Sagan // Seven Souls - HVR playlist
  6. Colors Accelerate (Charging Rhino remix) // Blue Rhino - Charging Rhino Remix
  7. Black Bearded Pig // Blue Rhino - Black Bearded Pig