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01 June 2018

Friday, June the 1st @ La Térmica, Málaga

Seven Souls to be playing live at La Térmica Málaga in A Place Apart, an event created by Gabriel Tineo, Telegrama and Squaring the Circle to gather Andalusian electronic producers and djs live.



The event will be streamed live through:



Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  1. Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  2. Right where it belongs // Seven Souls feat. Clara Parker - HVR playlist
  3. Heavymonk // Seven Souls - Heavymonk
  4. Cualquier sistema // Seven Souls - Cualquier Sistema
  5. Sagan // Seven Souls - HVR playlist
  6. Colors Accelerate (Charging Rhino remix) // Blue Rhino - Charging Rhino Remix
  7. Black Bearded Pig // Blue Rhino - Black Bearded Pig