Seven Souls

Hastalavistarecords is the mother ship operated by JJ Roman. An online space to produce and distribute his original works in music and sound design.
Seven Souls is JJ Roman´s one-man-band exploration ship. It became a channel to let the chaos talk music through electronics.
JJ Roman´s music has been featured in shortfilms and indie videogames.
The first official Seven Souls work is the single “Broken Bridges” (Jan, 2018) wich recalls science fiction landscapes, ancient forgotten cultures and futuristic worlds.

Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  1. Broken Bridges // Seven Souls - Broken Bridges
  2. Right where it belongs // Seven Souls feat. Clara Parker - HVR playlist
  3. Heavymonk // Seven Souls - Heavymonk
  4. Cualquier sistema // Seven Souls - Cualquier Sistema
  5. Sagan // Seven Souls - HVR playlist
  6. Colors Accelerate (Charging Rhino remix) // Blue Rhino - Charging Rhino Remix
  7. Black Bearded Pig // Blue Rhino - Black Bearded Pig