"Fins" track teaser video

Teaser vid for "Fins"
26 October 2018

“Fins” track almost ready!

This is “Fins” track teaser video! I hope you like it!

Foley audio parts have been recorded in Ulleri and Chitwan national park (Nepal).
This small teaser video has no commercial purposes and it contains music written, recorded, produced and registered by Seven Souls (JJ Roman) in Málaga (Spain).

My fear of sharks became a passion, love and a wish of understanding them.
This video contains short video samples from the awesome conservation and educational work the following people do. I feel totally inspired by their work.
Please support them by following their work and subscribing to any of their channels. All credits of the original shark scenes go to them.
These people are:

Ocean Ramsey

Juan Oliphant

Eli Martinez

Please have a look at their beautiful work.



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